“About bloody time”: RCMP arrest alleged Canadian “money mule” linked to fraudulent phone call from India

Federal officials have arrested a husband and wife in the Toronto area who have been accused of being a Canadian accomplice of huge global fraud, including overseas call centers, including so-called CRA tax fraud.

The call is familiar to many Canadians. Scammers, generally in India, argue that they must impersonate the Canadian Revenue Service officer and pay the tax immediately to the recipient.

Gurinder Dhaliwal, 37, and Inderpreet Dhaliwal, 36, of Brampton, Ontario, were arrested and charged on Wednesday, Insp said. Jim Ogden of RCMP’s Financial Crime Division in the Metropolitan Toronto.

Each of them faces fraud in excess of $ 5,000, laundry of criminal proceeds, and a count of property gained by criminal offenses.

“We have disrupted the necessary flow of funds from Canada to India. This will have a significant impact on scammers’ activities and revenues,” Ogden announced on Friday.

RCMP Insp. Jim Ogden has announced that two Canadians have been arrested on Friday at a press conference in Milton, Ontario, USA, in connection with an infamous CRA phone fraud from overseas. (Michael Wilson / CBC)

Authorities also announced that they had issued Arrest warrants across Canada The third is a 26-year-old foreigner who is currently believed to be in India.

The RCMP further stated that investigators searched the couple’s home and seized $ 26,000 in cash, $ 114,000 in jewelry, cash calculators, and envelopes believed to have been remitted by victims of the scam.

According to Ogden, CRA scams alone reported more than $ 17.2 million in losses from 2014 to 2019 in Canada.

Additional phone-based and online fraud— Sin fraud, Technical support scams And Bank investigator fraud —Canadians are also targeted. The Canadian Fraud Prevention Center received nearly 20,000 reports of such calls in 2019, saying more than 5,500 were victims last year.

As part of this week’s arrest, the RCMP also seized $ 26,000 in cash, $ 114,000 in jewelry, and a cash calculator. (Michael Wilson / CBC)

How the arrest went down

Earlier this week, market Present when officers arrested the couple.

Undercover RCMP officers have been chasing couples for several days. Early Wednesday morning, Gurinder Dhaliwal left the house and boarded his car, leaving for work at a nearby factory.

The officer does not believe he had the idea that he was being followed. The unmarked vehicle chased him and switched positions to avoid detection.

An RCMP officer took part in Sting in northern Toronto and saw an Ontario man arrested early Wednesday morning in connection with a CRA tax scam. (CBC)

“Once he comes out, we’re ready for him,” said one officer of the RCMP.

At 5:45 am, Daliwar pulled into his employer’s parking lot in Georgetown, Ontario, and orders were issued, and policemen surrounded the man.

  • See all Market Behind the scenes, Catch a Scammer, 8pm (8:30 pm) Friday Friday CBC TV and jewelry.

Within seconds, he was detained, and police took him in a car and took him to the Financial Crime Department of the RCMP in Milton, Ontario, where the contents of his pockets were emptied and received fingerprints and processing there. Was.

RCMP officers who agreed to keep the secret confidential gathered outside the accused’s workplace Wednesday morning. (CBC)

Police claim that Daliwar acted as an intermediary between Canadian victims and organized criminal groups operating call center fraud in India.

A few hours after the man was arrested, police called his wife, Indapali Daliwal, and ordered him to join the RCMP detachment. She was also under police surveillance and was detained as soon as she parked her car.

In an exclusive interview with market After his arrest, Ogden stated that his team’s investigation revealed that the couple worked directly with scammers operating outside India.

“They were essentially a mule of money … receiving a bag of cash and counting the cash, dispersing it essentially, making it accessible to those who run illegal call centers in India . ”

The couple had not yet entered the pleasure and were released on their own knowledge. They will appear before the Brampton Court on March 2.

market Get action

market We have widely reported on these overseas call centers and traveled to India twice for research. According to Ogden, the news was helpful for the action taken home.

“It was certainly helpful that the CBC made the release, which underscored this a bit more for all Canadians, including the RCMP, which pushes us in that direction and certainly investigates,” he said. Told.

Ogden is investigating a wide range of fraud, led by Project Octavia, a special task force formed in 2018. It came about a month later market The investigation identified the location of one of the leading criminal companies in Mumbai behind the harassment call.

David Common travels to India to catch scammers behind CRA tax fraud. 1:14

At that time, India’s Chief of Police said the RCMP had not coordinated the prosecution of the offending call center. A Canadian federal official later contacted other authorities in India and stated that they were conducting their own investigation.

“ We started the survey in October 2018 [and] These particular individuals arrested today and actually being charged were revealed in March 2019, “said Ogden.

“More arrests are coming”

Police have since been working with Indian authorities in a rush to conduct suspected assaults on illegal call centers in the country. Canadian officials said Friday they knew 39 call centers that were closed in the New Delhi and Noida areas.

Ogden said others still face police scrutiny and expect further arrest and charges “in the coming weeks.”

He also provided this message to those who are still involved in the fraud: “Find you, investigate further, and claim where you can claim it.”

Scam victims are often elderly and new Canadians, and federal tax authorities and large tech companies demand unsolicited payments over the phone or online, or pay with hard-to-track bitcoins and retail gifts You don’t recognize or require a card.

Nahid Philippos, a victim of Indian technical support fraud, is excited about the arrest in Canada. (CBC)

It happened after Nahid Philipos, a Toronto woman who lost $ 3,000 in a so-called tech support scam, called a number found online when the iPhone stopped working.

Following news of this week’s arrest, Philippos said he was relieved to see police finally arrested in Canada.

“Even if you haven’t received the money [back], I’m glad we are taking action to make others safer. It’s very important, “she said.

More to do

Mark Sinchon, former head of Hamilton Police Services’ major fraudulent unit, has been challenging these types of fraud for years.

“It’s good for them, it’s bloody time,” he said of his arrest this week.

Former head of Hamilton Police Services’ major scam unit, Mark Scinchison, said he was pleased with Project Octavia moving forward. (CBC)

Prior to this action, Simchison believed that Canadian authorities had not sufficiently prioritized the issue.

“I wanted to have faith. I’m glad they proved right,” said Simchison. “And … marketBecause, in my opinion, you were the person who caused this. “

Cincinson said he was pleased with Project Octavia moving forward, but it is clear that there is still more to do.

“Slowly, they may invade this. It will not stop overnight, but may stop them, and of course, something new will come, unfortunately, That’s exactly how it works. That’s how fraud works. “

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