Amy Crobcher, Tom Steyr couldn’t name Mexican president in interview

Democratic presidential candidate Amy Crobcher And Tom Steyer Could not name Mexican When the president was asked for it in a televised interview in Nevada on Thursday.

With two Pete ButighieggInterviewed individually from a Spanish station Telemundo After the Candidate Forum hosted by the United Federation of Latin American Citizens.

Mexican immigrants recorded $ 36B in remittances in 2019

Crobbers, Minnesota A senator said “No” when asked who the Mexican President was.

“I forgot,” replied billionaire businessman Tom Steyr.

When asked to nominate President of Mexico during an election event in Nevada, presidential candidates Tom Steyer and Amy Crobcher reportedly wrote blanks, respectively.

Former South Bend Buttigiegu, Indiana The mayor was the only candidate to correctly nominate Mexican President Andre Manuel Lopez Obrado, but seemed to lack confidence.

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“Lopez Obrador, I hope,” he replied with a smile.

There was no other 2020 presidential candidate on the Thursday forum, Vermontsen. Bernie Sanders Talked to viewers on video.

The wire service report contributed to this story.

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