“ Always new expenses ”: lawsuits are filed as the anniversary of the Broncos bus accident approaches

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Information systems in Canada slowed down by COVID-19

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Will COVID-19 force a change in the troubled downtown Eastside district of Vancouver?

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Scheer says Conservatives will not hesitate to criticize government’s COVID-19 response

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Friday that a “Team Canada” approach to the COVID-19 crisis does not mean that the Liberal government’s response to the pandemic should be free... Read more »

As COVID-19 Passes Through Retirement Homes, Some Tell Their Relatives There Is “No Benefit” To Sending A Patient To The Hospital

As news of the coronavirus outbreaks in long-term care homes broke, Dana Schmidt received a phone call that made her heart melt. Her mother was in a nursing home... Read more »

“I was made to feel depreciated”: nurses reveal fears of working on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic

Pat Tamlin survived SARS and now the Toronto intensive care nurse is on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. “Is it different this time? Absolutely,” she said. The... Read more »

Prescription change to protect supply in COVID-19 crisis triples fees for some patients

It is a change that aims to keep hoarding and prescription drug shortages at bay, but critics say it increases the cost of drugs for those who can least... Read more »

Avast! Patrolling for pandemic porch pirates

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NOTICE | Albertans Ask To Believe In Provincial Pipeline Game

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Some internationally trained doctors may apply for a 30-day Ontario license to control COVID-19

International medical graduates who have passed their exams to practice in Canada or who have completed their education in the past two years can now apply for a 30-day... Read more »