Canadian clothing maker Peter Nigard accused of raping 10 women in civil suit

Canadian clothing maker Peter Nigard accused of raping 10 women in civil suit

On Thursday, ten women, one of Canada’s richest businessmen and clothing maker Peter Nygard, raped in a seaside mansion in the Bahamas and operated what is called a “sex trafficking ring” Filed a civil lawsuit.

Women are seeking damages on charges of rape.

The three women were 14 at the time of suspected rape. The other three were 15 years old.

Allegations of rape were made between 2008 and 2015.

Women have not been named in the lawsuit “to protect their identity due to the delicate and very personal nature of this matter”.

According to a lawsuit filed in New York, Nigard said, “ a lucrative model that recruits, seduces, seduces, pays and assaults, rapes, and sodomizes young, impressive, often poor children and women with cash payments. I made a false promise of an opportunity to be transformed. “

There are no criminal charges related to the complaint.

Niggar’s lawyer “violently” denied the accusation as “fully false” [and] “No foundation” in Thursday’s statement.

“Peter Nigard is looking forward to fully exposing this scam and looking forward to completely clearing his name,” said Jay Plover.

Nigard operates a multi-million dollar clothing empire based in Winnipeg. According to its website, the private company operates more than 170 stores throughout North America.

Litigation alleges bribery

The lawsuit continues to accuse Nigard of taking women with drugs by “taking rohypnol and / or other mind-altering drugs into the drink.”

He added, “ We plan to purchase police protection and political cover in the Bahamas by regularly paying tens of thousands of dollars to law enforcement agencies, government officials, regulators and even the former Prime Minister who has become Prime Minister. Has begun. ” Bahamas. “

“ Nigard used Nigard’s money to pay people to threaten his former ‘girlfriend’ by cutting tires, setting fire, threatening police to arrest them, and obeying police. “.

Decade of conflict

“This case was anticipated,” his lawyer Plover said.

Prober claims that the lawsuit is the latest in a decade-long attempt to destroy the reputation of Louis Bacon, a former Bahamas, U.S. billionaire and former owner of hedge funds, by his former neighbor. say.

Their dispute began as a noise complaint and evolved into multiple lawsuits in multiple countries over a decade.

Nigard’s recent legal attack on bacon was launched in New York in November 2019

Bacon said, “Lawyers engaged in false statements, false reports, abusive processes, unlawful interference with business relationships and patterns of fraud and illegal activities intended to aid and abuse have unduly affected witnesses. Hired a team of private investigators “distributed a false statement claiming that … all for the purpose of causing intentional damage [Nygard]”

Nigard states that the lawsuit filed on Thursday was a response to the November lawsuit against Bacon, and the complainant was “acquired to make such false claims.”

“Luxury party”

According to a lawsuit on Thursday, Raygard was held after or during what Niggar called a “pampering party” at his home in the Bahamas.

The lawsuit alleges that his staff had been ordered to recruit young women for a weekly party. When a guest checks in, the details are entered into the database and the photos are sent to Nigard for review.

“Nigard uses this information to select potential victims at night,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit claims that Nygard has a database of over 7,500 underage girls and women.

The lawsuit accused Nigard of having drugged women by “taking rohypnol and / or other mind-altering drugs into the drink.” There are no criminal charges related to the complaint. Niggar’s lawyer denied the charge. (YouTube)

The lawsuit also includes details of the assault on the ten alleged women.

Complaints include requests for vaginal rape, anal rape, oral sex, and Nigard’s mouth urination or slander.

According to the lawsuit, one of the 14-year-old complainants said the dating began after Niggard showed the pornography, and Nigard asked her to use sexual toys, “ causing traumatic trauma. ” It ended when I raped. And pain. “

The lawsuit says he paid the plaintiff thousands of dollars after each rape.

He relied on tactics of violence, imitation, bribery, and reward in order to silence the victim and continue his plan. “-Citizen class action lawsuit

“The Nigard company funds all Nigard’s” pampering parties “by transferring cash from a Canadian company’s bank account and remittance through New York,” the lawsuit said.

“[Nygard’s] The destruction of innocent life is immense. “

“When Niggard noticed an investigation into the sex trafficking ring, he relied on violence, intimidation, bribery, and tactics in return to silence the victims and continue the plan.”

New York law has a 10-year limit in such cases.

The complaint was filed because the complaint was “blocked by a combination of power, intimidation of force, shame, shame, fear, corruption of political and law enforcement, weak laws rarely enforced to protect the victim, and bribery.” Requesting an extension.

Otherwise, some accusers may be barred from litigation. Class actions must be approved by a judge before proceeding.

Additional litigation

Thursday’s claim was recently revealed in Los Angeles in January, following two additional lawsuits accusing Nigard of sexual assault.

Nigard also denies these claims.

One of the lawsuits is from an unnamed woman who claims that Nigard was sexually assaulted during a minor and was mistakenly imprisoned. The age of consent in California is 18 years.

The case began, claiming that a lawsuit had been filed in Nigard’s home in California in 2012, and continued during his trip to China on a private plane, at a club in New York, and while visiting Florida.

“Nigard committed sexual assault on plaintiffs by acting with the intent to cause harmful or offensive contact with the intimate parts of the plaintiffs’ bodies,” the lawsuit asserts.

Plaintiffs opposed being forced to engage in defendant Nigard’s female procurement. She told him she was not Madam and did not want to be involved in these activities.-Civil action

“Defendant Nigard has intentionally deprived plaintiffs of freedom of movement through intimidation, fraud, deceit, and / or the use of unjust dullers for a considerable period of time.”

The second lawsuit was filed by a former Nigard employee. He says he managed a medical cannabis facility for him in Los Angeles.

Although the woman was named in a lawsuit, CBC News has decided to suspend her identity due to the nature of the allegation.

She claims in her lawsuit that Niggart had been sexually touched without consent several times between 2016 and 2018.

Nigard said, “Caused harmful or unpleasant contact [the woman’s] Breast and / or but part and / or or diameter part. “

At one point, the lawsuit said Nigard, “Her” ass “looked amazing. He said, “You know what they are saying about pregnant women.” He said “I want more” while moving forward with his hips. “

The lawsuit alleges that the woman had been invited to attend a party at Nigard’s house in California and had been ordered to select a few to “spend the night with him.”

“Defendant Nigard paid these women for” service, “the lawsuit alleges.

“The plaintiffs opposed having to get involved in the procurement of defendant Nigard’s women. She told him she was not Madam and did not want to be involved in these activities.”

The lawsuit claims that the woman resigned in 2018 on charges of assault and failed to pay the salaries and benefits promised by Nigard. Nigard says the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles is also part of Bacon’s campaign to destroy his reputation.

None of the lawsuits have been proven in court.

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