China reports that new cases of coronavirus are falling, killing more than 1,500 people in the country

China Reported a major decline in the new Coronavirus 2,641 on Saturday, a decrease after Chinese authorities began taking steps to contain the disease, and a slight increase in new deaths to 143.

According to China’s National Health Commission, this new figure has resulted in a confirmed total deaths from the virus now known as “COVID-19” of 1,523 worldwide and 66,492 confirmed cases in the country.

Coronavirs forces Apple, Google and other technology giants to take precautionary measures

Outbreak has Taxable healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses It was first launched across China, especially in Wuhan, in December 2019. In some hospitals, robots are deployed to deliver medicines and disinfect surfaces, leaving workers free to do other tasks.

China has blocked several cities and affected more than 60 million people to prevent further transmission.

According to the notification of the Capital Prevention and Management Working Group, virtually all public activities and services in the confined area have been suspended, and those returning to Beijing have been quarantined at home or in centralized areas for 14-day medical surveillance Must be published by state media at the end of Friday.

Those who do not comply may face legal action, the notice said. You did not specify how to perform the separation.

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Survivors of outbreaks in China may face Mental disorders According to some mental health professionals, after weeks of isolation from other parts of the world, they can cause anxiety and fear.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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