Chinese coronavirus survivors may face mental hurdles when outbreak ends

The city of Wuhan in China has been closed since the end of January because it is currently underway. Coronavirus For the outbreak, and the estimated 11 million people who live there, this means that there was no transportation to the outside world and they spent weeks in isolation.

Direct explanations of relatives who died alone and others unable to seek medical treatment have begun to surface, raising questions as to what the consequences of this outbreak would be for the survivors.

Cat wears coronavirus mask in China

“Since social support is a buffer and protection factor, isolation can make it very difficult to start with a grief and grief process,” said Reggie Ferreira. At Tulane University in Social Work School, Told Fox News. “It’s important to take it” step by step. ” Be busy and give time for sorrow. If possible, reach out to your family and friends to stay connected to the support system. Stay connected via social media. “

Time isolated from other parts of the world can also be stressful, according to Ferreira, which can cause anxiety and fear, especially if it can cause an infection. It is unknown when lockdown will end as the virus has spread to more than 64,000 people worldwide and killed nearly 1,400 people. Approximately 99% of these cases occur in China, and the World Health Organization has dispatched a team of international experts to help investigate this outbreak.

“Frustration can also occur as to how long you have been” limbo “and there is uncertainty about the short and long term future,” Ferreira says. “Anger can occur because you may feel you are in this situation due to the negligence of others.”

Corona virus case exceeds 64K, killing nearly 1,400

Regular outages such as littering, mail delivery, and schools can also increase frustration and mental tension in families stuck at home for weeks.

To reduce that stress and anger, Ferreira said that it was important to be educated about the risks, know what was going on around you, and know what to ask your health care provider Was. He said it was imperative that the government play a role in raising awareness and sending clear messages. China has been criticized for how it handled the initial spread of the virus, as the government claimed that the number of viruses had stabilized at 41 for several weeks and then grew.

North Korea is also facing a storm of criticism of claims that the virus has not reached its borders, despite the upheaval in neighboring China.

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“Transparency by authorities is essential to raising awareness of the risks associated with the situation,” he said. “This is one of the human lessons learned from previous outbreaks currently being implemented at several national and international government agencies.”

There is no way to know for sure how this epidemic will have a lasting effect on China or how long it will take to recover, but Ferreira said that survivors could see changes in their daily lives Said there is.

“Stigma and discrimination can also occur for certain groups of communities that may be considered the cause of the virus outbreak,” he said. “People may refuse to travel to the area, affecting tourism and industry. In the long run, this could lead to other social problems (eg, substance abuse) , Unemployment, domestic violence).

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For now, those stuck in quarantine manage stress by practicing mindfulness and meditation, writing diaries, finding ways to thank, and reaching out to others about shared experiences. He said it would help. He also said that maintaining a positive outlook on life “allows you to be more resilient and instill your hope for the future.”

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