Coronavirus evacuees raise funds for Red Cross

Returned to Canadian soil Jumped out of Hubei Province in ChinaSome of the more than 400 evacuees awaiting coronavirus quarantine in Trenton, Ontario, have decided to thank the Canadian Red Cross for raising money.

So far, they have raised more than $ 18,000 online and hope to do so, said Clint Chen, a fundraiser co-organizer.

“I started talking about being grateful for being brought to Canada shortly after landing,” a Vancouver resident called on Thursday night.

Last Friday morning, the first charter plane landed at Trenton. A second plane, carrying 39 Canadian passengers on US government charter flights, landed late in the afternoon.

A third plane, carrying 130 Canadians and 58 families, arrived in Trenton on Monday.

Kai Huang, a resident of Ottawa, tours the room where he and his mother are staying during quarantine at Yukon Lodge at CFB Trenton. 0:42

Chen said evacuees were not expected to pay for return flights. We do not pay for rooms and meals in the Yukon Lodge, originally built for military personnel and their families.

“We really want to repay something,” Chen said. “A great many people, from government workers to volunteers, the Red Cross, and diplomats, have made a lot of effort to bring us back here.”

$ 20,000 goal

“Hubei is the epidemic center,” said Kai Huang, an Otawan quarantine currently in quarantine. “When we got [news] I can return to Canada [we were] Very excited. “

According to Chen, the group has only begun raising money on Thursday morning.

“But in just five hours at 3:00 pm, more than $ 11,000 had already been donated,” he said.

More than 400 Canadians and their families are isolated at Yukon Lodge at CFB Trenton. (Mark Golomb / CBC)

Groups that have already exceeded their initial goal of $ 10,000 are aiming to raise at least $ 20,000 before leaving Trenton.

“I think it’s pretty possible,” Chen said.

About half of the evacuees have completed half of the two-week quarantine period.

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