Coronavirus pandemic and grocery: no need to wipe food packaging, according to the FDA

Coronavirus pandemic and grocery: no need to wipe food packaging, according to the FDA

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Attention consumers: when carrying out the essential mission of grocery shopping coronavirus in the United States, there is no need to wipe food packaging after you return home, according to a federal agency.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has attempted to allay Americans’ fears that their food packaging may be contaminated with the new coronavirus, as recent studies have shown. live on certain surfaces between hours and days.


But in a statement released Thursday on its website, the FDA said: “We want to reassure consumers that there is currently no evidence that food or food packaging from humans or animals is associated with the transmission of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

“This particular coronavirus causes respiratory illnesses and is spread from person to person, unlike gastrointestinal or gastrointestinal viruses, such as noroviruses and hepatitis A, which often make people sick with contaminated food,” a he added, noting that there is currently no shortage nationwide. food, although some stores may be out of certain products. (Speaking of, what causes people to panic buy?)

The FDA has also provided advice on how to protect yourself, protect other buyers and store employees when purchasing essential items. For example, he advised to:


  • Prepare a grocery list in advance
  • Wear a face mask or tarpaulin in the store (this is in accordance with recently updated Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention [CDC] and is now mandatory in hot spots like New York)
  • Practice social distance when shopping, make sure you stay at least 6 feet from others
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after you return home and again after you put away the groceries

“Again, there is no evidence that food packaging is associated with the transmission of COVID-19. However, if you wish, you can wipe the product packaging and allow it to air dry, as an extra precaution, ”added the FDA.

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