Democracy 2020 Digest: Cuomo’s profile increases amidst coronavirus storm

Democracy 2020 Digest: Cuomo's profile increases amidst coronavirus storm

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo attracts a lot of attention.

He warned that the coronavirus epidemic spreads as fast as a “high speed train” and pointed out that tens of thousands of New Yorker “Will die” unless President Trump and the federal government speed up the delivery of the promised fans.

The three-term governor of the state that has been the hardest hit by far the pandemic instantly became a national media star and politician of the moment. Cuomo’s style in the daily coronavirus briefings, which national cable networks broadcast live, elicits bipartisan praise for his temperate temper – a stark contrast to President Trump’s occasional and controversial verbal brawls with some journalists.


And Cuomo captures many positive headlines.

“How Cuomo, once on the sidelines, became the politician of the day,” read a recent headline from the New York Times. A CNN analysis was titled “Everyone Needs to See Andrew Cuomo’s Inspirational Words on Fighting Coronaviruses”. And a GQ headline said, “In a moment of information overload, Governor Andrew Cuomo dresses for facts only.”

Even the conservative media also praise the governor for three terms. The New York Post noted that “#PresidentCuomo trends as the governor’s star status increases in response to the coronavirus response.” And the National Review asked: “Could a” Draft Cuomo “movement be in the future of the Democrats?”

Media blitz occurs former vice president Joe Biden – the almost certain Democratic presidential candidate – is struggling to increase his media footprint which was instantly wiped out last week when the coronavirus epidemic wiped out the race for the White House headlines and froze the battle for the democratic nomination in place. Without any current official role in government, Biden has no direct role in fighting the crisis and has been overshadowed by both Trump’s daily briefings and the meteoric rise of Cuomo’s media in recent days.


But add Biden to the growing list of people who praised Cuomo last week. The former vice president has repeatedly shouted to the Governor of New York since Friday.

The hashtags “#DraftCuomo” and “#AndrewforAmerica” ​​also appeared on Twitter and there is now a Twitter identifier @ DraftCuomo2020. But talking about a possible Cuomo draft movement is just talking about right now. Cuomo has dismissed campaign assumptions as he battles the coronavirus as it is, and the chances of him not being nominated as his party’s presidential candidate are daunting at the moment.

End of the debates?

Biden says he “has had enough” Democratic presidential debates in primary and it’s time to “continue”.

Asked on a conference call with reporters on Wednesday whether there should be another main debate in April – Biden replied that “my aim is simply to deal this crisis now. I no longer thought of other debates. I think we have had enough debate. I think we should continue. “

Biden’s comments came a day after the campaign of the only other Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, Told the New York Times that if there was a Democratic presidential primary debate in April, their candidate intends to participate.

Read the full story here.

Biden’s green push

The former vice president – during his briefing with journalists on Wednesday – seemed to be calling for the inclusion of climate change legislation in the next bill. Congress is moving to revive an economy flattened by the coronavirus epidemic as many Americans congregate in their homes to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“We are going to have an opportunity, I believe, in the next round [of economic aid] here to use… my green agreement to be able to generate both economic growth consistent with the type of infusion of money that we need in the system to make it work, ”said Biden.

Last year, when he unveiled his plan to fight climate change, Biden adopted parts of the “Green New Deal”, the massive framework written by the representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and the senator Ed Markey from Massachusetts which has been hailed by progressives. and lambasted by the Conservatives.

President Trump’s re-election campaign on Wednesday quickly hit Biden, tweeting that “Joe Biden wants to ‘use’ the #coronavirus crisis as an “opportunity” to pass his version of the #GreenNewDeal in the “next cycle” of emergency legislation. “

Mitigate things?

Biden continues to aim President TrumpResponse from the coronavirus epidemic. But he apparently tempered his comments this week with the language he used just a few days ago.

“The American people stand up to meet this moment. We need our president to do the same ”, democratic presidential candidate, unless certain wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Biden has repeatedly called Trump for what many critics accuse of continually downplaying the severity of the pandemic.

But compare that to how Biden – in a conference call with reporters on Friday – urged Trump to “stop saying false things,” saying, “People are worried. They are really scared. And when these things don’t happen, you just exacerbate their worry. Stop saying false things [you] think about making yourself look like a hero. “

Read the full story here

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