Dog, car stolen after woman stopped to increase trio ride

Mary Pelonje stopped to help a group of people with car problems and tried to be a good Samaritan, but stuck in a parking lot in Winnipeg after her car was stolen.

However, she was not worried about the car, but inside was Micki, a two-year-old dog.

“I’m just devastated. I’m worried they might have driven her away in a car,” Peron said.

“It’s very cold. I’m afraid of my dog, so I’m taking him to highways and freezing it. I’m very worried about dogs. I don’t care about cars.”

On Thursday evening, Peron stopped by the Best Buy on Regent Avenue on his way home. She noticed three men, two men and one woman, pushed the car to a halt, and saw if she could be assisted in any way.

Two-year-old Mickey, stolen Thursday, was in Mary Peron’s car. (Submitted by Mary Peron)

Peron pulled and pulled out the cable because they requested a battery boost. The boost did not work, but when they tried, another man appeared, suggesting that the problem was with the vehicle starter, not the battery.

Later, the three asked Peron if they would like to drive to Kildnan Place Mall, opposite Regent Avenue.

“I said that if I could meet the best buy a bit, it was possible,” she said, waiting to be in the car.

“Stupid, I left the car running so that they could stay warm. I told them they were freezing and I turned on the heat.

Peron was probably the best buy for five minutes, but when she came out, the car, Micki, and the three were gone.

“At first I thought I just moved it, but no, it’s gone,” she said. “So I called the police.”

The stolen vehicle is a 4-door silver 2003 Toyota Corolla with license plate number AKW308. (Winnipeg Police Service)

While she was on the phone, Peron walked to Killdonan Place, finding a car and trying to find Micki.

“But they weren’t there,” she cried. “After that, the police [the three people] The car I was pushing was also stolen. “

Perron has posted images of Mikki on social media and also contacts the Humane Society in case Mikki appears. Winnipeg police also tweeted about the case and posted images.

Peron said Mickey was a mix of Border Collie and Shepherd.

“She’s black and her chest white. She’s very pretty, and she’s probably 25 pounds,” Peron said. “She is a very happy dog. I love everyone.”

When she was taken, Micki was wearing a black outside and a red-red jacket.

The stolen vehicle is the Silver 2003 Toyota Corolla, a 4-door AKW308 with a license plate number.

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