DOJ does not pursue criminal charges against McCabe

of Ministry of Justice Former FBI Deputy Director after a nearly two-year investigation of an “accusation” brought about by an independent agency watchdog that claimed lack of “frankness” when asked about media leaks on Friday He said he would not pursue criminal charges against Andrew McCabe.

TRUMP claims that it has “legal rights” to intervene in DOJ cases,

Attorney J.P. Cooney of the Justice Department in a letter to McCabe’s attorney Michael Bromwich, obtained by Fox News, said the investigation was now “closed.”

“After careful consideration, the government wrote Andrew G. McCabe to inform clients that they have decided not to file criminal charges.”

DOJ added: “We believe the issue has been resolved, based on what is currently known to the government and the integrity of all information.

A statement to Fox News, Bromwich, and McCabe’s attorney, David Schertler, confirmed that he had received information by phone from the U.S. Prosecutor’s Office in Washington, DC, and then said, “The Andrew McCabe criminal investigation has closed.”

“This means that no charges will be filed against him based on the facts underlying the Inspector’s Office’s April 2018 report,” said Bromwich and Scheltler. “Finally, justice has taken place on this issue.”

“We said at the beginning of the criminal investigation almost two years ago that if the facts and law determined the outcome, no complaint would be filed,” they said. “I am delighted that Andrew McCabe and his family can continue living without this cloud.”

A 2018 inspector report accused McCabe of leaking information to the then Wall Street Journal reporter, Devlin Barrett, entitled “ The FBI of the Civil War Over the Hillary Clinton Probe ”. . After finding thousands of emails on a laptop owned by a former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner who married Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin, he focused on the FBI announcing the resumption of the Clinton investigation.

Journal account Senior Justice officials have complained that FBI agents were still investigating the Clinton Foundation and that McCabe defended the powers of the investigation.

MCCABE calls DOJ to close survey AMID SPECULATION for possible charges

The leak says the probe confirmed the presence of the probe.

According to the report, McCabe said in a conversation with Comey that he had lost his frankness when he said he had not granted the disclosure and did not know who did. IG has also found that he has been frank when asked by FBI agents on multiple occasions since the conversation.

McCabe worked for the FBI for 21 years. After Trump fired former coach James Commy, he became acting coach in May 2017.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe in March 2018 after finding that the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation had repeatedly overlooked his involvement in leaking into The Journal.

Throughout the investigation, McCabe denied wrongdoing, stating that the inspector’s conclusions depended on mischaracteristics and omissions, including information that was beneficial to McCabe.

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