Electric Nikola Badger is a “looking good” pickup, priced at $ 60-90G, says the CEO.

Trevor Milton raccoon dog How nice.

Milton is Nicola Motors, Arizona-based startups We are developing electric vehicles equipped with batteries and fuel cells. There are semi-tack and side-by-side UTV.

Badger is a recently announced full-size pickup truck. Tesla cyber truck And GMC Hummer EV.

Milton told Stuart Barney of Fox Business Network what he thought Badger “The best looking trucks and pickup trucks in the world. They look better than new. [Chevy] Silverado. New [Ford] Raptor. “

“We made really luxurious trucks.”

Milton compared it to Apple products, and the attractive design was backed by features.

So far, he has only published badger renders, but the company will have a working prototype ready for test drive in the fall.

Nicola claims that the truck has a battery-operated range of 300 miles per charge, and an optional fuel cell that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity can reach up to 600 miles between full tanks. It has a peak power of over 900 hp and can accelerate to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

Milton has also revealed expected prices to Varney. It has a starting price of $ 39,900 and $ 69,900, and is correspondingly higher than CyberTrack Ford-backed Rivian plans R1T Medium-sized electric pickup.

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