FISA Court Extends Deadline for DOJ Reforms Amid Coronavirus

FISA Court Extends Deadline for DOJ Reforms Amid Coronavirus

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The US Foreign Intelligence Review Court on Wednesday granted the Department of Justice a week’s extension to detail court-ordered reforms to the foreign intelligence surveillance law in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

“The government, through a lawyer, orally requested an extension of the reporting period by one week, given the changes in staffing and teleworking practices brought about by the epidemic of COVID-19, “said Judge James Boasberg, Chief Justice of the FISA Court, wrote, The Washington Examiner reported. “As a result, the government has more time to provide this information.”

FISA court prevents FBI agents linked to Carter Page investigation from requesting wiretaps and other surveillance measures

Late last year, the Inspector General found that there were at least 17 “significant inaccuracies and omissions” in the request for a warrant to monitor Trump’s former campaign adviser, Carter Page.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s nearly 500-page report was also very critical at times about the FBI’s handling of the case, including not sharing information.

Earlier this month, Boasberg also broadly endorsed the revisions that the FBI said it would make to its wiretap application process – in response to the Horowitz report.

Boasberg noted that the FBI had “omitted or mis-qualified” various “information regarding [former British spy Christopher] Steele’s personal credibility and professional judgment. “

Boasberg asked the Department of Justice to provide details on the proposed FISA reforms in March and asked for a report on “improving the proactivity of DOJ to ensure the completeness of FISA requests”, says reviewer .


The deadline has been extended from March 27 to April 3, Examiner reported.

Dom Calicchio, Ronn Blitzer and Brooke Singman of Fox News contributed to this report

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