Former Olympic medical chief links firing to reports of sexual abuse

Denver (AP)-Former US Olympic and Paralympic Sports Medicine executive has filed a whistleblower suit against the federation and urged managers to respond more to concerns about abuse and other athlete safety issues. Was fired as

Bill Morrow, former vice president of Sports Medicine, filed a lawsuit in Denver on Wednesday. He was fired in May 2019 after working for 10 years at USOPC.

“This case is not only about the way the USOC dealt with me, but about the USOC’s protection of athletes who have intentionally harmed too much,” Morrow recently renamed the “USOC.”

The USOPC has issued a stronger statement on this case, as it often provides minimal context or comment on the case.

“I regret that Dr. Morrow and his lawyer misrepresented the cause of the separation from the USOPC,” said spokeswoman Luella Chavez D’Angelo. “I respect their decision to consider this matter in court and will not comment on future details.”

According to a news release detailing the lawsuit, Morrow urged the USOC to create incomplete medical records of patients and thereby end practices that endanger athletic patients. He urged the USOC sports performance staff to stop false access to the patient’s medical files in violation of the patient’s privacy rights. “

The lawsuit details several cases where Morrow has called the supervisor’s attention, alleging that all were improperly processed.

According to the lawsuit, these instances include:

—A 15-year-old Paralympic athlete thinking of committing suicide after having sex with a 20-year-old athlete in Iowa who competes in Drake Relay. Morrow told his boss about statutory rape but said he had not reported it until three days after the 24-hour reporting period had ended.

—Morrow knows that Olympic silver medalist cyclist Kelly Katrin has attempted suicide and has stopped going to psychiatry. He urged USOPC’s High-Performance Chief Rick Adams that the federation needed to provide Katrin support beyond what the group’s internal experts had provided. The day after Morrow gave Adams a second concern, Katrin took her life.

The USOPC has received extensive scrutiny from Congress since the Larry Nasser scandal claiming that more than 350 women have abused her, and passed a law in 2018 that strengthens reporting requirements in cases of sexual abuse. did. Congress has also introduced a bill that will greatly enhance federal surveillance. The Department of Justice is considering responding to decades of USOPC allegations of sexual abuse, and two outsourced investigations detail the federal failure to protect athletes.

With a chiropractic degree, Morrow was fired in May 2019. The suit told him that the USOPC had been fired for not having a doctorate degree in medicine. His replacement was a chiropractor.

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