GOP Senators Warn They Will Oppose Coronavirus Bill Unless “Mass Drafting Error” Corrected

GOP Senators Warn They Will Oppose Coronavirus Bill Unless "Mass Drafting Error" Corrected

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Three Republican Senators Warn They Will Oppose $ 2 Trillion coronavirus response unless a “massive drafting error” in the legislation, which they say encourages employers to fire employees, is corrected.

Fox News learns that the current version could pay workers more unemployment benefits than they currently do, by pasting a payment of $ 600 per week in addition to regular benefits which are calculated as a percentage of income. This could further disrupt the job market, warn legislators.

“A huge drafting error in the current version of coronavirus rescue legislation could have devastating consequences: unless this bill is corrected, employees are strongly urged to be laid off instead of going to work This is not a summary, a point philosophy – it is an immediate and real problem, “said Senators Tim Scott, RS.C., Ben Sasse, R-Neb., And Lindsey Graham, RS.C ., in a press release.


White House and Senate leaders reached agreement on $ 2 trillion package to boost economy and provide help to workers and businesses affected by closure of much of life daily in response to the coronavirus crisis.

But with legislation approaching chamber approval, the three Republicans warn that the text as drafted could lead to layoffs, which they say could lead to “life-threatening shortages” in healthcare and the food supply chain.

“It is not who we are as Americans; it is not what we do in times of crisis. Unfortunately, we must oppose the acceleration of this bill until this text be treated or until the Department of Labor issues regulatory directives that no American would earn more by not working than working, “the statement said.

When asked for more details, Sasse spokesman James Wegmann told Fox News that because of the structure of the federal unemployment benefit, “the bill will create an incentive perverse to break the employer / employee relationship. “


“This threatens dangerous supply chain problems in critical industries,” he said.

He said they were working on an amendment to resolve the problem which would mean that the maximum unemployment benefit is 100% of a person’s salary, thereby ensuring that they get the benefits they need and that the channels are kept intact.

Caroline McKee of Fox News contributed to this report.

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