Graham seeks more DOJ, FBI officials involved in Russian investigation, interviews with FISA applications

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham On Attorney General on Friday William Bar Make a few Justice Department and FBI officials available for interviews before the Bureau’s first Russian investigation and panel related to the process of obtaining Foreign Information Surveillance Law (FISA) A warrant for the official Carter page of the former Trump campaign.

In a letter to Barr on Friday, Graham requested interviews with multiple unnamed case agents and supervisors AgentIn addition to Justice Department officials such as Bruce Ohr and Dana Boente.

Ray states that the Carter Page FISA surrounding the FBI’s actions is “unacceptable” and “cannot be repeated”

“As you know, the Commission is continuing to investigate matters related to the handling of crossfire hurricane investigations by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Graham wrote.

“Crossfire Hurricane” It was the name of the FBI’s first Russian investigation.

“To facilitate the Commission’s oversight of this important issue, we require that the next employee be available for a written interview as soon as possible,” Graham continued, interviewing, Advise the department if they are scheduled to be interviewed by lawyers in the department. “

It is unknown at this time whether former DOJ and FBI officials Graham and his panel can be reached for an interview.

Graham pledged to investigate FISA’s alleged abuse last year, following the release of a report by former special adviser Robert Mueller on Russian investigations.

Graham’s investigation continued after the Justice Department’s Attorney General Michael Horowitz published his findings from his FISA review. Horowitz found specific evidence of oversight and error by some of the FBI’s top employees when trying to obtain a warrant to monitor pages under the FISA Act.

FISA COURT downplays role of new director AMID GOP criticism on ObamaLink

The FISA court has ordered a number of FBI surveillance violations over the past few years, but has not yet requested the FBI to reconfirm any potentially affected warrant applications.

Judge James E. Boasberg, FISC Chief Justice, stated in a recent letter exclusively obtained by Fox News that the court expected that “additional rulings would be forthcoming.”

Last week during a testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Ray said that the steps taken by the Bureau to obtain a FISA warrant against Page were “unacceptable” and “cannot be repeated.”

The FBI Directors rejected the activities surrounding the FISA in the 2016 presidential election and stressed that “we are not representative of who we are as institutions.”

Fox News’s Jason Donner contributed to this report.

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