Granddaughter of the woman who is said to have been killed by illegal immigrants in NYC is, rip sanctuary in the playing cards of speech

Granddaughter of a 92 year old woman Allegedly killed in New York City An illegal immigrant protected from deportation fixed her death in a city sanctuary policy in an emotional address on Friday, saying that without controversial policy, her death might have been avoided. Was.

“All this tragedy is the fact that without the Sanctuary Law, we could have avoided it,” said Daria Ortishj. “The tragedy is that my grandmother will not be here again.”

NY BPD over murder case linked to “Sanctuary”

President Trump invited Maria Fuertes’ granddaughter Ortiz for an event at the Border Security Council. Ortiz struggled with tears in honor of her grandmother as “ a brilliant example of people coming to this country legally, working hard, doing the right thing, and obeying the law ” .

“I grew up her children and grandchildren, working hard to give us a future,” said Ortiz, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic.

Guyana’s illegal immigrant Leeds Khan last month charged Fuertes with sexual assault and killing. Fuertez died at 2:00 am, was taken to hospital and reportedly died of a vertebral fracture and other injuries. He has Admitted innocence.

However, the case highlights the dangers of the “sanctuary” jurisdiction and prohibits local law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal immigration authorities in issuing detainees. Release from custody and transfer to ICE custody for deportation procedures.

ICE is, in November 2019, when Khan was arrested on suspicion of assault and weapons, it has revealed that it has submitted the detainees of Khan. But decisively, the detainee was ignored and Khan was released on the street.

Ortiz arrested Khan’s liability for the city’s sanctuary policy and called for “precautionary measures” to be taken to prevent the same from happening again.

DHS BOSS BLASTS NYC immediately involved illegal immigrants in murder: “Possible tragedy”

“The person responsible for this would not have had the opportunity to do this if his multiple crimes had not been ignored,” she said. “This system failed not only for our families, but also for our city.”

Trump and his administration have repeatedly reiterated this incident as part of a wider push for sanctuary jurisdictions. It caused a violent exchange between Trump officials and New York politicians who argued that such a policy would make the city safer. ICE summoned New York Information about Khan and other illegal immigrants arrested in the city.

“No more American life should be stolen by sanctuary cities. They are everywhere and many don’t want them,” Trump said Friday.

Earlier this month, Trump also called for sanctuary policy in his State of the Union address, highlighting the death of Fuertes and introducing a brother of a man allegedly killed by illegal immigrants in California.

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He later called on Congress to pass legislation allowing victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants to sue sanctuary cities and states.

this week, Attorney General William Bar He has announced a number of additional sanctions on sanctuary cities, what he has called the “significant escalation” of those leftist jurisdictions.

Fox News Gregg Re and “Barnini Chakraborty” contributed to this report.

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