Hannity praises Barr’s intervention in the Stone case: “I am cautiously optimistic when true justice takes place.”

Sean Hanity Former Trump weighed on Friday Roger Stone, Attorney General William Bar Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabeSays that “justice” is in the line of this country.

“Corruption at the highest levels of government is … unequal justice, lack of equal application of our law, equal justice under law, and again, percent [of] Hannity said in a television show, “All this is happening in this country, and what happens is important.”

Flynn withdraws guilty places, citing “bad fatties” by government

Hannity contrasted Stone and McCabe, and the different treatments of both men.

“McCabe has lied many times. We have proven it. He has been fired from the DOJ for the lie. Under the oath.” Not only that, “says Hannity. “McCabe even admitted that he lied to the FBI, but Andrew McCabe has not faced any guilt.”

“But if you’re a stone and lying to Congress, they want to get rid of you for nine years, oh,” said Hannity. “By the way, the median time spent in prison for rape is 4 years and 2 months. Murder, just over 13 years. Yeah, that’s true.”

The organizer also celebrated the bar’s decision to assign an outside prosecutor to review the bar’s case. Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

“Today I learned that Bar had ordered the prosecutor to consider the case of Vice Admiral Michael Flynn. Thanks to God,” Hanity added that Bar was sending a “message.” .

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“It was huge when Barr intervened and stopped prosecution abuses against Roger Stone,” he said. “The case needs to be withdrawn completely. As we know, ju had a political agenda. I am cautiously optimistic that true justice will take place It’s happening in the Department of Justice. “

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