Cruise ship around the Corona virus dock in Cambodia

A cruise Ship turned away by four people Asian The government says passengers Coronavirus Docked to Cambodia on Thursday morning. More than 2,220 passengers and crew at MS Westerdam... Read more »

Japan confirms 44 new coronavirus cases at Diamond Princess, shares plans to drop off guests

Japanese health authorities and princesses cruiseAnnounced 44 additional positive cases of COV-19. New coronavirus —Passengers on an isolated Diamond Princess cruise ship anchored in Yokohama. The number of infected... Read more »

Two Russians escape coronavirus quarantine. 1 Window that pops out

Two women isolated Russia Hospital in the Coronavirus Outbreak Fleeing after complaining of a miserable situation when returning from ChinaA virus outbreak killed more than 1,100 people and left... Read more »

Second confirmed case of coronavirus in quarantined San Diego patients, 14th overall in US

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed another case in this novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) On Wednesday in the United States, the country totaled 14. The patient was found... Read more »

Men seem more vulnerable to coronavirus: report

scientist Men believe they can be more vulnerable Coronavirus According to the Financial Times column, they may have a weak immune response to the disease. The virus killed approximately... Read more »

China Reports 15,000 New Coronavirus Cases, Change in Counting Procedure: Report

New number Cases of coronavirus To China It surged on Thursday after 14,840 people were already diagnosed with a disease that killed 1,300 people worldwide. The spike in cases... Read more »