Hogan of Maryland says Trump’s claims that states have adequate coronavirus tests are “ absolutely false ”

Hogan of Maryland rejects Trump's claim that states have supplies to fight the coronavirus

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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan continued to be the most vocal Republican on Sunday President TrumpThe management of Coronavirus pandemic – describing the president’s assertions that contagion testing capabilities are sufficient to reopen parts of the country as “absolutely false” and saying that it is not useful to encourage people to protest blocking orders of their state.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union”, Hogan said the shortage of test kits for COVID-19 remains the biggest problem in the fight against the virus and that despite the increase in testing 5000% in Maryland last month, it’s still far from feeling comfortable. enough to reopen businesses in the state.

“To try to push that back and say that the governors have a lot of tests and that they should just get to work on the tests, that we are not doing our job, that’s just not true”, Hogan, who is also President of the National Association of Governors, said. “Every governor in America has pushed, fought, and clawed for more tests, not only from the federal government, but from all private laboratories in America and around the world.”


Hogan’s comments come just days after Trump announced that testing was at levels sufficient to allow states to begin the first phase of reopening once they saw a steady decline in the number of cases for two weeks. Trump also accused those who do not support his calendar of trying to “politicize the problem”.

Hogan also criticized President Trump’s recent tweet in support of Michigan protesters upset by the extended order to stay at the house of Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Following a demonstration in which thousands of cars and trucks descended on the state capital of Lansing, Trump tweeted “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”

“I don’t think there is any point in encouraging protests and encouraging people to go against the president’s own policy,” said Hogan, referring to the plan to “Open America Again”. of the White House, which calls for a staggered opening of states according to whether they meet the criteria of infections and hospitalizations.

Protests have taken place in several states in the past few weeks and more are slated to take place in Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Wisconsin.


Hogan said Trump’s encouragement of Michigan protesters “makes no sense” given the guidelines he introduced last week.

“So to encourage people to go out and protest the plans you just made recommendations on Thursday just doesn’t make sense. We are sending completely contradictory messages to governors and the public as if we should ignore federal policy and federal recommendations, “said Hogan.

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