“It’s a very rare sight”: Lynx family movie crossing the Manitoba highway

"It's a very rare sight": Lynx family movie crossing the Manitoba highway

A Manitoba Hydro employee removed his mobile phone when he noticed a small face peeking out of a drive tree to work near Grand Rapids in Manhattan.

As Sean Curchman saw, her mother, Canada Links, and her five kittens carefully exited the woods and crossed Highway 6, near Grand Rapids, about 400 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg.

“I was so excited. Incredibly … I was overjoyed, and made me think about how special it was.

Kirchman, who works at the Manitoba Hydro fish hatchery in Grand Rapids, has decided to return to Winnipeg weekly. With constant observation of wildlife, the self-proclaimed “cat man” was near St. Martin, south of Grand Rapids.

“I meandered around the corner and saw the silhouette far away, beside the road,” he said.

Tree line movement

“As I approach,” Oh, that’s a lynx. “

He stopped the car, turned off the engine and waited for about 5 minutes. Eventually, there was movement in the tree line.

“It was one, two, three. I just saw the head sticking out of the bush and I was just astonished.” Oh, well, it’s a lynx family. ” I’ve never heard that so many lynxes are together. ”

“Mom is coming to the road, her baby is behind her, some brave along her, and … they make an intersection.”

Kirchman said that some of the youngsters were more anxious about the crossing, but quickly caught up with his mother.

“They just went to the tree and disappeared, and I think I’m very lucky because they disappeared from my sight. I know that II may be another three years. once again.”

He found the experience interesting as the way the animal moved reminded him of his two kittens at home.

“I hope this video will enhance the awareness of these elusive animals to be beautiful and protected,” Kirchman said.

“I hope they all do well. It has a lot of hungry mouths to feed, but I couldn’t resist stopping to look at such hidden animals.”

Cool cat

The CBC has shared this video with Jim Roth, an associate professor at the University of Manitoba, who studied the population dynamics and diet of lynx.

“Oh, that’s amazing. It’s so cool. It’s a very unusual sight,” he shouted. “Even when lynxes are present in large quantities, they are very secretive.”

He said that the lynx can have up to eight kittens, and the average number of young individuals fluctuates with abundant prey. The lynx’s favorite food source is the snowshoe hare, which means that the two population cycles are closely related, rising and falling about every 10 years.

He said the animals in the video looked durable and in great shape. While they are threatening to extinction in the United States, their population is strong in Canada, especially in the northern northern habitat.

But they are rarely seen.

Kirchman hopes his video will raise awareness of remote cats and serve as a reminder to drivers.

“I think it’s good to see them hesitate to cross the highway because they are definitely dangerous trips. I think it’s important that people are aware of the wildlife on the road I went and went out. “

The Wild Canadian Year team wants to capture images of wild Canadian lynx hunting rabbits. However, it is very difficult to find and shoot an elusive cat. 6:07

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