Newt Ginrich: Tuskegee Airmen fought racism at home while defending the United States abroad in World War II

On February 4, Trump praised Brig in a speech by the Union. One of the last survivors, General Charles McGee, Taskegie Airmen. McGee, who has recently turned 100, has... Read more »

Judge Janine accuses Bloomberg: “Man is so hopeful, washed and spineless

Judge Janine Piro has said much about the Democratic presidential candidate on Saturday night Mike Bloomberg And the campaign he has run so far calls a millionaire media mogul... Read more »

Tyson Fury beat Deon Thai Wilder in WBC heavyweight title rematch

British Tyson Fury beats American boxer Deon Thai Wilder Alabama On Saturday night Las Vegas To win the WBC heavyweight title. Anger Fight According to the Associated Press, Wilder,... Read more »

NHL Carolina Hurricane wins with help of Zamboni driver after two goalkeepers are injured

Toronto-emergency backup goalkeeper Dave Ayres has saved eight times to save two injured netminders in Carolina. Hurricane‘6-3 victory Toronto Maple Leafs On Saturday night. Ayers, who worked as a... Read more »

These states have recently passed bail reform laws

Some states have taken steps in recent years to bridge the gap between what Criminal Advocates’ assertions are at two layers of the judicial system: one that allows people... Read more »

John Fund: Bernie Sanders’ Nevada victory is expected to disrupt the establishment of Dem. Can he be stopped?

Senator Bernie Sanders’ victory at a Nevada Democratic rally on Saturday is a huge loss for party founders who want more modest candidates to seize Democrats Nomination Challenge President... Read more »

Garamendi on Biden’s latest assertion: “We don’t all tell a story” and “flavors that actually happened”

Rep. John Galamendi, who is acting for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, was fired Saturday. Latest disputes over unconfirmed stories Former Vice President claimed he was arrested in South... Read more »

Dan Gainor: Russian obsession in media revives-anti-Trump journalists boost founding Dems

Media, Democrats increase Russian interference claims Democrats and media shout Russia’s interference in 2020 as Senator Bernie Sanders questions the timing of the latest Washington Post report. Trump 2020... Read more »

Nevada Caucus is in progress as Demus hopes to avoid repetition of Iowa’s chaos

Nevada Caucus Democratic presidential candidate faces more diverse voters, Senator Bernie Sanders wants to maintain his early momentum, and state Democrats want to avoid the turmoil that hit Iowa’s... Read more »

JLo twins turn 12: singers always spouted about maternity

It’s a celebration in Jennifer LopezHome! JLo and Mark AnthonyTwins Emme and Max turned 12 on Saturday, and Fox News looks back on every episode of superstars rushing to... Read more »