Trump told Gerald that the “ many people ” of the White House applauded after Bindman left.

President Trump Many people White House One of the main bullet witnesses, Colonel Alexander Bindman, was commended after leaving the building. “Bindman was the man who applauded the building... Read more »

Oklahoma resumes execution | Fox News

Oklahoma plans to resume Running The death row was announced Thursday, five years after a lethal injection was put on hold following a series of death chamber accidents. In... Read more »

Stephanie Grisham: AG Bar recognizes that Rogerstone’s statement recommendation is “absolutely overkill”

Attorney General William Bar It was right to make it happen Roger Stones A previously recommended nine-year ruling Along Department of Justice (DOJ) Prosecutors would have been “absolutely excessive”... Read more »

Alec Baldwin compares Trump and Hitler on Twitter shingling Republicans

Alec Baldwin Went to Twitter this week to warn his followers Republican Rising Donald Trump Power to the level reminiscent of Adolf Hitler. Actors often refer to Donald Trump... Read more »

Colin Kaepernick prepares for possible NFL call after training break

Colin Capernick The desire to play in the NFL still remains, and an interview published Thursday revealed that he continued training and was prepared for the potential. 32-year-old Kaepernick... Read more »

Retired NYPD police officers reported being beaten at a bar in Nashville over a “Make 50 Great Again” birthday hat.

Retired New york city Police say he has punched his face Tennessee Because he was wearing a birthday hat and shirt with a slogan like Trump. Staten Island’s Daniel... Read more »

Biden was seriously injured, wondering if the press could beat Bernie

It was back in 2007 when I entered the green room and saw Joe Biden, and we started talking about the presidential election he is starting. Senator provided a... Read more »