Liz Peek: Nancy Pelosi’s coronavirus blunder – delaying aid package for fourth major mistake

Liz Peek: Nancy Pelosi's coronavirus blunder - delaying aid package for fourth major mistake

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Nancy Pelosi made another major mistake. At the dawn of a gigantic bipartisan agreement by the Senate to avert a deep recession, the Speaker unexpectedly threw a roadblock, throwing the country and the financial markets into a whirlwind.

Pelosi launched his own counter-proposal in frenzied negotiations, derailing an agreement that seemed to be, as a minority leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer claimed, on the “two yard line”. As the hours passed, the Republicans became furious, accusing Pelosi of diverting a desperate effort to support American industries and workers.

The normally taciturn Mitch McConnell and Maine’s cool-headed senator, Susan Collins, each went to the Senate, lambasting Pelosi for undermining the good faith effort to support our declining economy.


Over the hours, the majority leader in the Senate called Pelosi for demanding a list of Democratic priorities such as new bargaining power for unions, tax credits for solar panels, and more emission standards. strict for airlines – goals that had nothing to do with protecting the country from coronavirus. Instead, it seemed that the Democratic leader intended not to let a crisis go to waste.

For Republicans and millions of Americans fearing to lose their jobs or see their IRA lose value, Pelosi’s obstruction gave the impression of an uncompromising partisan game. She was criticized on social media and brutally criticized by her congressional rivals.

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It was a mistake, one of the four, in my view, that seriously damaged the speaker’s reputation as a master political strategist.

The first was early in the dissent of the so-called “squad”, as four female members of the progressive caucus made themselves known. The second named Adam Schiff, suspicious and hated, at the head of the impeachment effort. The third arbitrarily delayed the delivery of the impeachment articles to the Senate in what was to be considered a gross power game.

And now it interferes with efforts to calm the nation’s panic.

Very early on, Pelosi rejected the influence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, not understanding the power conferred by the vast presence of the group on social networks. Instead of courting their support, Pelosi allowed these representatives and their supporters to become a thorn in the side of the Democratic establishment, funding progressive allies to challenge party holders and undermining the speaker’s leadership.

Appointing Schiff to lead the impeachment effort was another blunder. From the start, the GOP has successfully described Schiff and his tactics as dishonest and not transparent. Adding insult to injury, Pelosi refused to deliver the impeachments to the Senate in a timely fashion, exasperating those who were already calling for the effort to throw the president unfair and politically motivated.

Why is Pelosi, widely regarded as a master strategist, so obviously offbeat? So repeatedly on the wrong foot? She and other Democrats are frantic.

In the end, the Americans were not seduced by the Democrats’ accusations against President Trump. Fundraising for the President has skyrocketed and his approval rating has increased. This was not how the recall campaign was to be run.

And now that. At a time when the US economy was shaken by the coronavirus while workers and industries were destroyed without fault on their part, Pelosi resorted to gambling.

As serious negotiations on the Senate bill continued throughout the day, the Republicans called the speaker for insisting on what McConnell called “nonsense” in the Senate bill. She would also have presented her counter-proposal to the House with even more generosity with independent requests.

It was said that Pelosi wanted $ 35 million for the Kennedy Center, $ 100 million for NASA, $ 25 million for cleaning supplies to the Capital building, $ 25 million for additional payments to House officials and other unrelated goodies. The House bill spanned over 1,000 pages. As Pelosi said about the ObamaCare bill in 2010, we will have to pass it to find out what it contains.

Why is Pelosi, widely regarded as a master strategist, so obviously offbeat? So repeatedly on the wrong foot?

She and other Democrats are frantic. President Trump has survived Russia on impeachment and now enjoys an approval rate close to all-time highs, even though the coronavirus is ravaging the nation. Not only is his overall popularity improving, but in a recent Gallup poll, 60% of Americans gave him high marks for his handling of the crisis.

It should be noted that the wave of Presidential approval occurs despite constant criticism from the left. Trump has been criticized for being too optimistic, too pessimistic, for giving inaccurate opinions, for being behind the curve and for every conceivable failure. Increasingly, it seems that Americans are turning to the liberal media.


At the same time, Joe Biden, the alleged Democratic candidate, seems unstable. Despite 27 Democratic candidates jumping into the arena, Democrats will likely be represented by the 77-year-old former vice president who failed to generate excitement or energy – his own or that of his side.

Now overshadowed by Trump, who commands the airwaves to the Americans every day about COVID-19, Biden is trying to get attention by hosting “ghost” briefings from his home in Delaware. With the technical hiccups, the sterile environment and the inability to produce real news, these reading efforts by teleprompter are likely to impress only the faithful of the party.

There is a reason why professional tipsters prefer Trump to Biden in the next election.


Pelosi and his Democratic colleagues must be incredulous. They and their media allies never understood why Trump was elected. They still fail to see that many of the Democrats’ enthusiasms – for identity politics, open borders, term abortions, politically correct and much more – are unpopular with much of the nation .

As they continue to wander the far left of their party, they will find themselves further and further away from retaking the White House.


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