Maxine Waters says California deserves more influence in Dem’s primary: “We’re supplying a huge dollar”

Maxine Waters says California deserves more influence in Dem's primary: "We're supplying a huge dollar"

Thanks to the bill that former governor Jerry Brown signed the law in 2017, California Keep that Presidential primaries In the March election, not this June, 2020 Democrat An earlier shot to capture the nearly 500 delegates of the Golden State.

But the United States representative Maxine Waters Her home state – national Most populous, With nearly 40 million inhabitants-change is still in progress when it comes to influencing Democrats who hold the party’s flag in the presidential election.

“Many people have come to the conclusion that they must not just be Iowa and New Hampshire. Indeed, they do not reflect the structure of the country,” a woman in the Los Angeles area told CNBC. Was. “And California has a role to play.”

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The 81-year-old Waters, who has served in Congress since 1991, pointed out that there are few states comparable to California when it comes to raising Democratic candidates.

“There are candidates to fly to Los Angeles from anywhere to raise money,” Waters told CNBC host Kelly Evans. Washington Free Beacon reported. “In Beverly Hills, we can have dinner two, three or four at a time, and some of our very wealthy donors host fancy parties in an attempt to respond to donations and donation requests. I was. “

According to Waters, “The idea is that if you offer a candidate a huge amount of money, you should speak more.”

D-Calif. Of Maxine Waters will be seen at the Washington State Capitol on December 18, 2019. (Associated Press)

“Say more” was said to be the intent behind the bill that Brown signed in 2017.

“Candidates cannot ignore the largest and most diverse state in the country because they are looking for the best offices in the United States,” said California Secretary of State Alex Padilla. According to NPR. “California has repeatedly been a leader on the most important issues facing our country, such as immigration, education and the environment.”

He added that the date change “will help ensure that matters important to Californians are prioritized by all party presidential candidates.”

Last year, Roger Salazar, a spokesman for the State Democratic Party, told Fox News that the early primary would help California lead the KMT in a more progressive direction.

“Democratic electors [in California] It is much more progressive than most states. ” Salazar said then. “All of them help raise some of the core issues of concern for Californians.”

He listed environmental, healthcare, immigration, and economic inequality as the top priorities of the California Democratic Party.

According to Politico, this may explain why Senator Virginia Saunders (I-Vt) leads in four major polls in California.

Ironically, Waters’ statement on the “ great dollar ” donated by the Californians accuses some loyal parties of trying to “buy” New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg for nomination. Happens in a major battle.

Since its launch in 2020, the former mayor of New York City has spent $ 13 million on advertising in California and has opened 20 regional offices with a total of 300 staff members.

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Bloomberg too We got a head start By spending time there earlier this month to other candidates in California after deciding to skip the Iowa and New Hampshire races.

According to data from the Federal Election Commission, the one who is taking the most money from California is that it belongs to former Bend, Indiana, and Pete Buttigieg, raising more than $ 9 million in the state, Reported outlet.

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