New York fugitives monitor coronavirus in detention facility after trip to China

A fugitive from Brooklyn, New York, recently returned from China, New coronavirus At a buffalo detention facility, local authorities said.

Erie County Sheriff’s Office in Buffalo Said in a statement The 42-year-old Kevin Qiu is being held at Erie County Holding Center for an outstanding warrant from Pennsylvania.

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On Wednesday, he attempted to enter the United States from Canada via a bridge of peace connecting the two countries. The man was reportedly instructed to an officer of the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that he had recently visited China and conducted a medical check-up in accordance with recent guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Kevin Kew.
(Westtown-East Gosen Regional Police Station)

“Qiu was arrested at a Peace Bridge Wednesday by a U.S. CBP officer for a fleeing warrant from Chester County, Pennsylvania on Wednesday. We were housed in a holding center, “she said. It is not clear what the warrant relates to.

Qiu has not yet shown any symptoms, but due to recent travel, authorities have rated him as a “medium risk” of the virus. Wuhan, China, is considered the epicenter of the outbreak, but it is unknown where Qiu went. Earlier this month, the State Department upgraded the China Travel Recommendation to Level 4 and became a citizen Avoid traveling to the country altogether.

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“The Sheriff’s Office has notified the New York State Department of Health and the Erie County Department of Health, and all stakeholders are working to establish protocols, precautions, and protection for prison staff and other inmates.” Monitor Qiu temperature and other viruses on schedule. “

It is currently unknown how long he is being held in detention, or when he may be delivered to Pennsylvania.

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