New York hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus patients, resident warns

New York hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus patients, resident warns

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NEW YORK CITY – Like New York City has become an epicenter of globalization coronavirus pandemic, the staff of its hospitals became “overwhelmed”.

“Things are pretty serious. I have never seen anything like this before. It is brand new and we are still trying to figure out how to deal with it. So there are no “best practices” in place. Things are changing every day and every week, “a third-year internal medicine resident who treats COVID-19 patients at NYU Langone Medical Center Tisch and Bellevue Hospitals, told Fox News. “We are overwhelmed with new COVID-19 patients. People still have heart attacks. We also need to be able to deal with them. “


Some hospitals in the largest city in the New York State were so overwhelmed with dying patients that they brought in refrigerated trucks to handle the bodies.

AT Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, 13 people died of the virus in one day.

Resident Confirmed “100% True” the horrors coming out of the Queens hospital from a doctor with whom he went to medical school, a third-year emergency medicine resident: “I urge people to stay at home. We are still at the point where it is increasing every day. “

A NYU Langone doctor said Bellevue was in far worse shape, short of fans. She said that at least one adolescent with no underlying medical conditions was on a ventilator for COVID-19.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, again pleading for help in the face of the coming attack, attributed the cluster to the city’s role as a gateway for international travelers and the density of its population, with 8.6 million people sharing the metro, elevators, apartment buildings and offices.

“Our proximity makes us vulnerable,” he said. “But it’s true that your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. And our closeness is what makes us who we are. This is what New York is.”

City ambulances experienced an increase in calls, responding to almost 5,800 on Thursday alone.

The mayor of the town, Bill de Blasio, tweeted Thursday evening: we are facing an unprecedented crisis in New York. We are losing people every day. There are now 23,112 cases of COVID-19 in New York and 365 deaths. The coming months will be painful and stress our health system like never before. “

Although the city has followed the epidemic meticulously, officials say they have no figures on the number of sick or dying health workers.

The operator of Northwell Health Hospital said that 155 of its 72,000 employees tested positive for coronavirus. The New York State Nurses Association said at least 67 nurses had been infected. The city’s EMS workers union said more than 50 had tested positive and more than 400 had symptoms.

The number of people worldwide who have contracted a coronavirus has exceeded 500,000, and the United States is at the top of the list, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University.

This comes as deaths in the United States as a result of the pandemic have now surpassed 1100, another milestone for a global epidemic that is making lives and wreaking havoc on established economies and life routines. . Worldwide, the death toll has exceeded 23,000, according to Johns Hopkins’ tally.

The resident told Fox News that the lack of medical supplies is increasing treatment times.

“We have two masks that we use: the N95 and ordinary surgical masks. We use N95 to intubate patients with COVID-19 and use it for 48 hours. Surgical masks are used to check temperatures, etc. and we use the same for a whole week. “

The resident said about the masks they use: “We store both types of masks in paper bags between patients and use them as long as they last. In the past, we have generally used a new mask for each patient, although this is not strictly necessary for N95. “


The medical staff searches for the following unused items:

? N95 respirator (medical or industrial)

? Dresses

? Gloves

? Surgical masks

The anonymous resident concluded, “I want to yell at the New York medical students who started the group PPE 2 NYC to help people donate unused personal protective equipment or PPE to hospitals, we badly need it. “

Tamara Gitt of Fox News in New York contributed to this report.

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