New York Mayor De Brasio backs Sanders and campaigns for Nevada Senate Socialist Senate

New York Mayor Bill de Brasio supports Senator Bernie Sanders as president, rather than De Brazio’s predecessor, Michael Bloomberg.

The Sanders campaign stated that De Brasio will join Nevada’s self-proclaimed democratic socialist this week and gather statewide support before the Democratic Party next week.

In a statement released during the Sanders campaign, he said, “I am standing with Bernie. He is always with my family and I always have.” Bernie is a candidate to take him and drop him off.

“I sought a bold and progressive agenda, which is exactly what Senator Sanders has supported for decades,” continued De Brasio. “I am proud to support true progressive leaders fighting for working New Yorkers and families across the country.”

De Blasio, elected Mayor of New York in 2013, ended his own campaign for Democratic nomination last September after struggling to gain momentum in the polls.

This is a developing story, check for updates.

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