Niagara investors face more fraud charges

Police filed a new fraud-related accusation that presented himself to a Niagara-on-the-Lake man as a lending expert, but entrepreneurs said his loan offer left them hastily.

Financial company Peter Corbiere, the center of 2018 CBC News Research, was arrested by Niagara Police on Thursday.

The Niagara Police Central Fraud Unit began investigating in December 2017, and a “long-term investigation” caused the police to file two fraud-related charges, said spokeswoman Stephanie Savoulin.

According to Niagara Police, 62-year-old Corbiere was charged with fraud in excess of $ 5,000 and some “disguise” provisions of the Penal Code, which refer to making false statements in writing about loan offers.

A 2018 CBC Survey At least nine business owners and entrepreneurs have been identified from across Ontario. They have given Corbieres tens of thousands of dollars each based on an offer to provide the necessary loans to grow the business. But they say the money he promised never came true.

One of them is veteran local businessman Ty Shattuck, who says he has given Corbiere thousands of dollars and won a $ 7 million loan.

Shattuck told CBC News in 2018 that Corbière continued to tell him that the loan agreement was imminent and that funding would be close, but that no one came. Shattak said Corbiere still owes him about $ 15,000.

Shattak heard from Niagara Police on Thursday that Corbiere was arrested. He went to police in December 2017 to complain.

“I was very happy to hear that,” he said. “I think the wheel of justice sometimes moves slowly.”

Thai Shattak, a businessman in Burlington, Ontario, says he has deposited nearly $ 15,000 in exchange for a $ 7 million loan. But the loan was never made. (Kelly Bennett / CBC)

Corbière was released on March 18 with a promise to appear in court in St. Catharines. In a phone call on Friday, Corbiere denied the allegations by Niagara Police and the OPP, but said he did not want to share any more information while the case was ongoing in court.

“I deny the allegation,” he said. “They are all false.”

None of the claims have been proven in court.

These are the second rates that Corbière faces.

He was Arrested and charged with last spring Over $ 5,000 fraud, $ 5,000 theft, and $ 5,000 impersonation by Ontario Police. He is expected in a Goderich court next week for a judicial preliminary hearing on February 19.

Corbière has demonstrated his position as a veteran business finance expert. He worked as a senior partner in consulting for a government bank, established to support SMEs, a Canadian business development bank, and spoke at business events in Niagara and Norfolk.

A 2018 study by the CBC showed that at least nine small business owners in the United States, including Ontario and Shattuck, provided more than $ 650,000 to Corbiere in exchange for an investment loan or transaction.

In litigation and interviews, businessmen say that the money never came true, and most people could not get back one cent of the money.

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