No mechanical flaws were found in the second CP oil train derailing near Sask. Village two months later

The Canadian Transportation Safety Commission says last week did not find a mechanical flaw near the Gurney village in Sunnychewan that caused the derailment of the CP oil train.

The TSB has issued a preliminary report on the February 6 crash crash on Friday morning.

“A review of the locomotive event recorder download revealed that the train was handled in accordance with regulations and company requirements,” said the TSB in its preliminary update.

It also found that of the 31 derailed tankers, 19 closed the nearby highway and were caught in a fire that caused about 85 people to evacuate voluntarily.

“The industry has great interest in documenting the performance of the DOT 117J100-W tanker,” said the TSB. (TSB)

Last week, the derailment occurred a second time in less than two months near the community.

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