One step ahead? Nike’s Vaporfly shoes transform marathon games

To choose your favorite at this year’s Olympic marathon, look at the start line runner’s shoes. Anyone wearing a Nike Vaporfly model may already be on a head start.... Read more »

From South Sudan to Japan-and to the Tokyo Olympics

Maebashi, Japan (AP) —Four athletes in South Sudan are already training in Japan for this year’s Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. They are on track to make a good start,... Read more »

Female athlete launches Olympic torch relay for the first time

Athens, Greece (AP) —The first woman to enter a torch relay for the 2020 Tokyo Games, the birthplace of the Greek ancient Olympic Games, was selected for the first... Read more »

China, previously quarantined, easily wins Olympic qualifying

SYDNEY (AP)-The Chinese women’s soccer team has overcome the difficulties by beating two weeks later. Thailand 6-1 on Friday in the Asian qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics. The Chinese... Read more »

Former NBA player Garvajosa revitalizes Spanish basketball

MADRID (AP)-Former NBA player who first joined basketball because basketball was the only sport big enough for him Spain To the most successful era of sports. Jorge Garbajosa, known... Read more »

USOPC Chief Defends Federal Action in Litigation

Denver (AP) —CEO of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee of the United States said in the case of athlete welfare that a dismissed medical director of the Federation is... Read more »

Swedish starfront skateboard moves into mainstream

Swedish Marmo (AP)-Oscar Rosenberg drifts casually around the skate park before unleashing a series of high-energy tricks. air. “I’m just warming up,” won the world skateboarding champion twice, and... Read more »

Tokyo, IOC executives repeat that the Olympics are being held

TOKYO (AP)-The Tokyo Olympics organizers repeated the message on Thursday at the start of a two-day meeting with the International Olympic Committee. The 2020mer competition will not be left... Read more »