Trump war with Bloomberg: rivals go to full New Yorkers in epic match of New Shame

Word war between Trump and fellow New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg New level Thursday is wicked because the two had a deep personal insult on Twitter. “The Mini Mike... Read more »

Trump echoes Roger Stone’s ju referee “bias” in a new revelation

President Trump Thursday raises criticism of Justice Department prosecutor over former campaign advisor Roger StoneA criminal trial was conducted after it was reported that Ju Ju had posted anti-Trump... Read more »

Reporter’s note: Congressional budget struggle causes confusion without significant progress

Scribes spilled a lot of ink this week with this week’s release President Trump $ 4.8 trillion budget sent Congress. Such a budget is required by law. But they... Read more »

Bernie Thunderscamp exploded AOC’s Iowalary performance last month, reports say

In the United States Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Fill in for Bernie Sanders At a rally in the Iowa campaign last month, the report reported that her performance had frustrated... Read more »

Bernie Sanders calls James Kerrville a “political hack” after criticism

Senate Bernie Sanders James Kerrville was called a “political hack” two days after the original President Clinton An adviser said that if Sanders was a candidate, it would be... Read more »

AOC says Bloomberg’s Stop and Frisk Damage Control bid is missing

United States National Team Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Wednesday she said she hadn’t bought a billionaire presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg“ An attempt to keep distance from 2015 remarks on ‘stop... Read more »

Trump asks what he learned from the bullet he trial, reaction goes viral

President Trump Asked on Wednesday-somehow-he learned after enduring Senate bullet each trial It jeopardized the presidency, and he replied that Democrats had found “bent” and “malicious.” Roger Stone’s JU... Read more »

Professor linked to Russian probe claims to Trump’s adviser that it is “not true” says Hillary Clinton’s “dirty” claim: Report

Claim that Maltese scholars provided “dirt” Hillary Clinton To the former Playing cards According to a British newspaper, the campaign advisor has heard that the professor says “absolutely not... Read more »