Powerful Nevada unions refuse to support Dem Race candidates with major snub to Biden

In a surprise move, Nevada’s Powerful Culinary Union Local 226 decided on Thursday not to support the candidate Democratic presidential primary -Instead, he said he was focusing on raising awareness of issues related to his members.

“We’ll support the goal,” GeocondaArg├╝ello-Kline, a secretary treasurer for Culinary Union Local 226, said at a press conference in Las Vegas. “We now respect all candidates. We respect all.”

Union unapproval is seen as a blow to former Vice President Joe BidenAfter a poor show in Iowa and New Hampshire, he hoped that a nod from the union could help launch his flag campaign.

Biden swears comeback after defeat at Aiden and New Hampshire

Biden, who still heads the polls in Nevada, said that the next two contests in Nevada and South Carolina, which are more racially diverse than the previous two, will be very exciting in his campaign. I expect

The union announcement said that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said, “ After his union publicly warned members of the Democratic state in favor of Medicare, his supporters said, Attacked maliciously, “claims-all. “

Although Arguello Klein did not comment on the attacks that took place during the press conference, it was reported that Sanders supporters had called the union threateningly and blamed social media.

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A casino workers’ union of 60,000 members, consisting of housekeepers, porters, bartenders, and more working at casinos in Las Vegas, arguably manages one of Nevada’s most important voting blocks, State contest later this month.

Nevada party rallies are generally determined by the winners of the state’s two main population centers, Clark County, home of the Las Vegas and Culinary Union, and Washou County with Reno. The state is playing an even bigger role in this year’s election, with a confusing contest at an Iowa party rally and close results from this week’s primary in New Hampshire.

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