Russian prank says cheats Bernie Sanders, posing as Greta Toonberg

versus Russia Prank targeting several famous American politicians Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Disguised as a teen late last year Climate change Activist Greta Thunberg In an offer to support his campaign.

Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stryalov told the Associated Press that the call was made in December 2019. The two posted a recording of the phone call to YouTube on Thursday. The Sanders campaign did not immediately return a Fox News request to confirm that the record was genuine.

With the success of Sanders, the recording was released more than two months after the call. Iowa Democrats Rally And that New hampshire Primary, they said.

On the phone, the woman impersonates Thunberg, and Storialov plays his father Svante. They offer to provide support to the Vermont Senate campaign. Sanders proposes that Greta make an official statement stating “Support him and have an event together the next time she visits the United States.”

Vulnerable house sound sound alarm about possible Thunders nomination: “IT’S BAD”

“We’ll continue to talk. If you come to the United States, I can gather some people and do interesting things if you outlined for my candidacy and climate change I would be very grateful if you would like to make a statement in support of the program, “said Sanders.

Saunders is a champion of tough measures to combat climate change, which is gaining the global reputation of Thunberg.

At some point during the exchange, the fake Tunberg proposes to record songs from Sanders, singer Billy Elish, rapper Kanye West and hip hop.

Mischiefs say they plan to visit Russia and need advice on how to act.

“I think what you don’t want to do is just walk and get used to it,” Sanders said. “With Russia [President Vladimir] Putin, as far as I know, was very bad with climate change. They have a lot of oil. Oil is important to their economy, they make a lot of money with oil. “

Fake Tunberg tells Senator that he was hired by the KGB in 1988 when he visited Russia and was subsequently a “sleeper agent”.

“Now it’s time to wake up and fulfill your mission, become president of the United States, build communism in the United States, and work for Russia!” The prank said before Sanders hung up.

The call is part of the Duo’s “Stars to Save the Earth” project, which calls politicians and celebrities in the guise of Thunberg.

“I laugh a lot at Bernie Sanders [and say] He is a KGB agent and wants to build communism in the United States. He calls himself a democratic socialist, so he decides to take up this topic. The topic is that Saunders is the adopted Russian agent.

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The pair has been playing with other US politicians in recent months. They were fooled Senator Lindsay Graham, RC He was talking When TurkeyMinister of Defense. Graham relay President TrumpInterest in economic and military cooperation between the United States and Turkey.

Chairman of the House Information Committee Adam Schiff, D-Calif. Andriy Parubiy, a victim shocked by Radio Shock Jock in 2018, Ukrainian parliament. During the call, Schiff stated that he was willing to accept information that would harm Trump.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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