Sasse “ convicted ” after Avenati was convicted “ difficult to get airtime from Slammer ”

Senator Bensasse, R-Neb. , Celebrity lawyers friday Michael Avenati Convicted by federal jurer trying to compel sportswear giant Nike.

Senator Office Make a statement According to the verdict calling Avenatti “the scumbag of interest” and “the left-wing media darling who organized the attack” Brett Kavanaugh of justice.

“Michael Avenati is a D-list lawyer, but a grade A scum bag,” Sasse began. “Nike’s victory is the loss of cable TV, because it’s hard to get airtime from Slammer. In the end, Michael Avenati wasn’t a real lawyer, he just played on TV.”

Flashback: Avenati Announces Graphic Kavanaugh Claim

Avenati was furious in 2018 after Sassé jaded him in a senator speech. A senator was a federal judge who attempted sexual assault during his then high school days in D.C.

“Two families: the Ford family and the Kavanaugh family, both homes with children, are recipients of the constant threat of death, for what, for one seat in the Supreme Court, and for death. This is about tribes, “said Sasse, who voted to confirm Cabanau. Said at that time.

See Avenati’s statement of subsequent accuser Julie Svetnick, who claimed that Cabanau was “ existing ” on charges of “ gang ” rape at a high school party.S. Michael Avenati gave oxygen to a single male clown. . “

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In response to his critique, Avenati called Sassé a “fool who knows nothing about the law or the law.” [Supreme Court]”

A statement from Sassé’s office concluded that Avenati “has been in prison for up to 42 years because of his genius legal theory.”

Fox News’s Andrew O’Reilly and Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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