Schumer Defends Adding Aid To Small Businesses Because They “Get Into The Bill Now”

The Senate Dems offers an additional $ 200 in monthly social security benefits, amid an epidemic of coronavirus

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Leader of minorities in the Senate Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., Defended Democrats’ Insistence on Including Additional Provisions in Legislation That Republicans Wanted Only to Replenish Funds for the Paycheck Protection Program (P3), Despite the fact that Small companies now have to wait for help.

Karen Mills, the former head of the Small Business Administration under President Barack Obama, urged Democrats to just donate money because “we don’t have time to delay” during the coronavirus epidemic, but Schumer basically said that his party’s tactics were worth it because they worked.


“In fact, I am saying that the things we Democrats are fighting for are now in the bill,” Schumer told CNN “State of the Union” Sunday in response to Mills’ statement. “So, we democrats, we said yes, we want to put more money, but put aside a little money to make sure that the rural areas, the minority areas, go to the unbanked. And the 60 billion dollars for the disaster loan were our proposal, “and now the administration agrees with that. “

Schumer said that providing only the additional $ 250 billion in P3 “would not have made sense” without addressing other concerns, “and now it will happen because we Democrats have said that we let’s go this way. “

Democratic lawmakers have been criticized by their GOP counterparts for their tactics because small business owners are waiting for help after the original PPP funding pool has already been exhausted. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had called for additional funding for hospitals and state governments, along with parliamentary minority leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Telling reporters on Thursday that he “cannot understand, after seeing 5 million other unemployed people, how President Pelosi continues to say no. “


On the same program, the Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, said that “a lot of progress” was being made to add funds to the PPP.

Pelosi told “Fox News Sunday” that she believes that an agreement on the legislation will come “soon”. Vice President Pence also said lawmakers are “very close” to finalizing an agreement.

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