St. Catharines reports that fireman’s calendar is too hot and models need to be concealed

Firefighters in St. Catharines, Ontario are said to be at risk of reducing the heat on the sultry annual calendar or losing local government support for fundraising.

Each year, members of the St. Catherine’s Fire Combat team strip and flex muscles for good reason to donate proceeds to charities.

But now, municipal officials can’t use city resources to expose their employees’ naked pictures, so firefighters need to wear uniforms to shoot.

Deputy Chief Executive David Oaks insisted on the absence of a shirt. The duty of urban services does not mean stopping good deeds, but following the standards of workplace respect and dignity.

“We support the concept of charity,” Oaks said Thursday.

“But when they are using urban resources, we want to make sure that it respects our workforce and some conditions we have in all sectors . “

Oaks said city employees who complained about a calendar depicting a partially undressed woman on display at a city facility prompted a change.

During an investigation of this issue, Oaks stated that the city decided to crack down on both male and female skin exposure images, as most male firefighters’ calendars were proposed as evidence of a “double standard” based on gender. Was.

Calendar is not a city fund

The city has never funded the calendar, but has allowed firefighters to incorporate city-owned property into the photos.

With this decision, firefighters are currently banned from filming at the city’s fire department, and scenes cannot include equipment, logos, or uniforms if they are exposed.

With even more modest clothing, you can use city settings and gear, Oaks added.

Ryan Magill, president of the St. Catherine Professional Firefighters’ Association, said the department has been turning the calendar on and off for about a quarter century.

In recent years, the calendar has featured topless members of a crew combat team participating in a fire-themed athletic contest and includes female firefighters appearing in sports bras.

The 2020 calendar consists of a 12-month muscle man posing using all types of fire extinguisher.

September shakes a in front of the jacket and bag rack in preparation for the next emergency call.

June casually squeezes several hoses hanging from above, and April smiles while hanging from behind the fire engine.

And of course, the models show off six packs each season.

However, due to the city’s new restrictions, Madill has stated that it is not yet sure if it will release the 2021 edition.

“I don’t want to comment on whether the (city) was right or wrong. We didn’t have any public complaints other than saying that everyone on the calendar was happy,” Madill said.

“I’m sorry to lose the ability to generate money to go to charity.”

Last year, the combat team raised $ 18,000 for St. Catharines’ mental health services during a calendar sale and fashion show, according to Magill. These initiatives not only act as a form of outreach to the community, but they also serve as a morale booster.

He said firefighters spent a lot of off-hours preparing to shoot, getting into shape, advertising calendars at local events, and signing signs for fans.

In most cases, people can only meet local firemen in an emergency, said Rob Hyndman, a multi-time calendar model in Sudbury, chairman of the Ontario Professional Fire Association.

That’s why firefighters in the state are using the calendar as a platform to show their community a more personal side and more skin.

“In today’s world, it’s great to just have fun and sassy things, while everything is so serious and ridiculous,” said Hyndman. “Keep your calendar up to date.”

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