The coronavirus “Super Spreader” is linked to 11 viruses released from hospitals: “I am happy to go home”

A British man unwittingly spreads a fatal wound Coronavirus,Currently COVID-19, At least 11 people have been released from hospitals in three countries.

Steve Walsh was infected by the virus on a business trip to Singapore in late January. Later, he went to a ski resort in the French Alps, where he unknowingly spread the virus to at least 11 people. At least five British people (including nine-year-old boys) who stayed at the resort were infected, as were five in France. He was also connected to at least one case in Spain.

Coronavirus “superspreader” emerges after infecting 11 other people infected with the virus

“I’m glad I’m at home and well,” he said in a statement. Yahoo. “I would like to thank the overall great NHS. My thoughts are everyone around the world that continues to be affected by the virus.”

“It was nice to return with my family,” he added.

This week Walsh created the headline the first time he made progress since being identified as the so-called “super spreader”.

“I’ve fully recovered, but my ideas are for those infected with the coronavirus,” he said at the time.

“ After two negative coronavirus tests at 24-hour intervals, Walsh is glad to be discharged from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and have fully recovered after treatment, ” said the NHS. The Strategic Incident Director stated in a statement.

Willett confirmed that Walsh was “no longer contagious and poses no risk to the public.”

“He is eager to return to normal life and get media attention with his family.”

News comes after Monday’s government officials declared outbreak of coronavirus on Monday “A serious and immediate threat to public health.” To date, the country has reported eight cases of the new virus.

Coronavir cases in the UK doubled after four or more countries

“In light of the recent public health emergencies caused by the new coronavirus from Wuhan, the Secretary of State has set regulations to protect the population as much as possible from the spread of the virus,” the government said in a statement. . Arrow Park Hospital in Merseyside and Kents Hill Park in Milton Keynes are “isolation facilities.”

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