Trump accuses Manchin as a “puppet”-even after showing that West Virginia Democrats are accepting to support the President

President Trump Continued attacks on Senator Joe Manchin on Friday, but moderate Democrats later signaled his desire to settle with the President. impeachment Guilty vote.

Trump calls Manchin the “ puppet ” of Democratic leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, and calls West Virginia senator Republican Sherry Moore Capito a “ great person. ” Praised.

“Many have said that Manchin is just a puppet of Schumer and Pelosi. That’s him!” Trump tweeted.

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D-W.Va. Manchin did not cross the faction in a vote with the Republican party, convicted Trump in the Senate’s bullet-rump trial, and denied the GOP the opportunity to promote bipartisan acquittal. Instead, the only party asylum on either side was Republican Sen Mitt Romney.

Manchin, who is due for re-election in 2024, says he has accepted to support Trump for re-election in 2020, even though he believes he has abused his powers and disrupted Congress. Was.

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“I’m not excluding anything. I’m not excluding anything,” Manchin Told Politico. “I’m always aiming for the best in my country. Everyone can change. The president may change, maybe the partition will have its unity. . “

Manchin said he would support Trump if he thinks West Virginia is getting better under the President, and if the Democrats nominate someone who is too inconsistent with his centralist beliefs. And said it would be more open.

“I hope he will change,” Manchin told Trump. “I’m looking for someone with heart, soul and compassion.”

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Since Trump’s ammunition each immunity, the president has taken a victory lap and has begun to strengthen the reexact on those who seemed unfaithful. He blasted Romney and expelled Colonel Alexander Bindman and Ambassador Gordon Sondoland, who testified in the bullet Alexander investigation.

Trump and Manchin had previously established a relationship, but the president has since laughed as a “Munchkin” on Twitter since the bullet imp voting.

Trump, very popular in West Virginia, campaigned against Manchin during the 2018 reelection. However, Manchin forgave him shortly thereafter, hoping that the President will proceed beyond the ammunition imp.

“No difference [from] When he wanted to have lunch in the week I was elected. He said, “I knew I couldn’t beat you.” “It was not because of the lack of trying,” he said. Hooray. I’m asking him to do the same thing I did. ” Mantin said At the time. “He tried to remove me.”

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