Trump says U.S. working closely with China on coronavirus after call with Xi

Trump says U.S. working closely with China on coronavirus after call with Xi

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President Trump said on Friday he had a “very good” conversation with President Xi China after reports that the two had not spoken since the early stages of the epidemic were released.


Trump went on Twitter to announce that the two countries are working closely to find a solution to the coronavirus epidemic that has killed an estimated 25,000 people worldwide and disrupted the global economy.

Trump’s call with Xi came on the same day that the United States saw its COVID-19 cases surpass China. Beijing recently announced that it will ease quarantine orders in Wuhan and said it expects the region to recover.

“I have just finished a very good conversation with Chinese President Xi. We have discussed in detail the CoronaVirus which is ravaging a large part of our planet. China has gone through a lot and has developed a solid understanding of the virus. We are working on close collaboration. A lot of respect, “Trump tweeted.

The call could be a step in the right direction after reports of serious tension in Washington-Beijing relations. The two countries accused the other of playing a role in its propagation.


Trump has been criticized for calling COVID-19 a “Chinese virus”.

Asset started calling COVID-19 “Chinese virus” shortly after rumors began to circulate among Chinese authorities that the coronavirus originated in the United States military. It is widely believed that the virus originated in a wet market in Wuhan, China. Trump argued that the name is not racist, but said he would stop using the name if the Chinese community found it offensive.

Wall Street newspaper reported The last time the two leaders spoke on Thursday was early February. Since then, Xi has contacted countries in the European Union with offers of assistance to fight the virus, including equipment.

A Beijing government adviser told the newspaper, “How do you cooperate when you hear the president of the United States calling the epidemic” Chinese virus “all day long.”

Morgan Phillips of Fox News contributed to this report

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