What is athlete’s foot, and how do you treat it?

Athlete’s foot Infectious fungal infections that infect millions of people each year, but many of these patients are too embarrassed to progress. Itchy redness, flaky or peeled skin may cause the hot sensation or discomfort, but patients may wait several weeks before seeking help.

“I’ve dealt personally in my life so far, but it’s not interesting,” said Dr. Brad Schaeffer TLC’s hit program “My Feet Are Killing Me” I told Fox News. “It is really itchy, red, and has small cuts in the skin. It hurts.”

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Fungi grow in humid environments and are susceptible to infection when walking around the gym barefoot or even in your own home. If a person touches the affected foot and then another area of ​​the person, the fungus can spread to other parts of the body.

Sharing towels, sheets, clothing, and shoes with the infected person can also help spread the infection. According to KidsHealth.org.

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He said some patients may have difficulty wearing socks or shoes. However, in most cases, it can be easily treated with an ointment or cream and heals quickly. Over-the-counter medications usually resolve mild cases, but may require more powerful prescriptions.

“Don’t look too long without looking,” Schaeffer added, adding that proper treatment of an infection, also known as tinea pedis, provides immediate relief.

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To keep your feet from shrinking, wash your feet daily, make sure your feet are completely dry, and keep your feet clean. According to KidsHealth.org, waterproof shoes can be used in locker rooms, public showers and pool areas to protect your feet or switch shoes and sneakers to prevent moisture buildup.

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